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Bars and Restaurants

Provi allows retailers to save time, stay organized, and increase transparency by ordering alcohol from all of their distributors with a single click.


With a more streamlined ordering process, reps have more time to grow their relationships and business.


Provi provides a unique and unprecedented way to get in front of target customers at the exact time they are preparing orders.

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Taylor Katzman

CEO & Founder
Maggie_Mahar_Data Content Specialist

Maggie Mahar

Data Content Specialist
Alexis_BernardiReis_ Partner Success Manager at Tiz

Alexis BernardiReis

Customer Success Manager
Charna Albert

Charna Albert

Project Manager

Michael Madsen

General Manager of Illinois
Nick Brown

Nicholas Brown

General Manager of Georgia
Ryan Indovina VP of Operations at Tiz

Ryan Indovina

VP of Operations
Lauren_Gardiner_Partner Success Manager

Lauren Gardiner

Customer Success Manager
Mike_Ross_Business Development

Mike Ross

Business Development
Ryan Philemon

Ryan Philemon

Director of Marketing
Brad Glynn

Brad Glynn

Content Manager
Karly Casey

Karly Casey

Customer Success
John Ulecky

John Ulecky

Business Development

Nathan Mansperger

VP of Wholesalers & Suppliers
Matthew Bush Director Of Design

Matthew Bush

Director of Design
Brian Ficho Director of Product at Tiz

Brian Ficho

Director of Product
Eli_Albert Lead Software Engineer at Tiz

Eli Albert

Lead Software Engineer
Ryan Parkinson

Ryan Parkinson

Director of Data
Bianca Parrish

Bianca Parrish

Content Specialist
Sean Corbett

Sean Corbett

Product Growth Engineer